On cutting out mistakes, fighting back and penalty heartache

 Bruno Lage was pleased with how his Wolves side were ready to fight back from two-goals down against Tottenham Hotspur to require the sport to penalties but was ultimately left disappointed by not moving through to the fourth round of the Carabao Cup.

Lage | On cutting out mistakes, fighting back and penalty heartache
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Similarly to how his side dropped two goals to Brentford within the Premier League on Saturday, Wolves once more dropped behind at Molineux, but Lage was glad that his players were ready to learn from the weekend and are available back from behind and even have the opportunities to require the lead.

On believing his team could win

“The way we steel oneself against the sport and therefore the way we saw our first game against Tottenham, we had that feeling, even with the changes, the dynamic is there. we've that feeling since the start that we will win the sport .

“But the way we started, we tried to regulate the items , but Yerson [Mosquera] came out and therein period, the way we suffered the goals, we gave two goals to them.

“But we've the facility and therefore the strength to show the sport to ourselves, from 2-0 to 2-2, then we create the higher chances to win.

“So, it’s a disappointing result, but I’m proud of what the boys did during the sport .”

On fighting back

“That’s been the sensation since the primary game. the most important thing we do and therefore the players, they're there, they're working very hard to undertake to play during this way and that we believe we will win more games during this way.

“But we are making some mistakes, some individual mistakes, some collective mistakes, and there are things we'd like to figure , because whenever we conceded easy chances for the opponents to attain .

“This is one side and therefore the other side is how we are creating chances to attain . The goals are coming. Today they came, two good goals. within the end, I’m happy, but I’m not satisfied with the result because we didn’t proceed within the cup.”

On falling short on penalties

“That is how football is like. within the same way, i assumed it had been getting to be an honest game for us and therefore the people today against Tottenham, I had that feeling, but this is often football.

“This is why we've people round the world enjoying the sport because it’s an emotional game. In one minute, everything changes. The way we played the sport , and that i felt it during the week, it had been getting to be an honest game for us, a game to travel through our plan, but we began two-nil down, we recovered the sport then Ruben misses his penalty.

“But this is often football.”

On learning from the weekend

“Every time we take something from the game. Winning or losing, we always take something to build on and it comes from that.

“Last game here, we suffered from the goals and we lose the control, and I think we learned from that game today.

“At two-nil down, you can’t worry, and if you don’t come to the emotional side, you stay focused on our plan and our tasks, and you keep going. We have that from the Brentford game, and for this game, we used that.

“I don’t believe in bad luck, what I believe in is hard work and planning everything well to create the squad I want to create to play like this and win more games for the club.”

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