Hamster coin: listing price, and listing date , Airdrop distribution etc all

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, hamster coin has emerged as a captivating addition to the digital currency ecosystem, attracting attention from investors and gamers alike. With the rise of Web3 projects and cryptocurrency games, such as those offering daily rewards or integrating concepts like Hamster Kombat and combos, the intrigue around coins like hamster coin has significantly heightened. Not only does it promise an exciting blend of entertainment and earning through various platforms like clicker games, but it also hints at innovation in how digital assets intertwine with interactive online experiences. Given the rapid evolution in this sector, understanding the nuances of hamster coin, from its airdrop mechanisms to its potential for inclusion on major exchanges like hamster coin binance, becomes crucial for both seasoned investors and curious newcomers.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of hamster coin, including an introduction to its core concept and how it stands out among other meme kombat coin contenders and crypto empire builders. Key sections will delve into the technical aspects of its listing price calculation, outline possible future market trends based on current hamster coin price predictions, and guide readers through the buying process, incorporating strategic advice on navigating platforms such as the hamster coin website and understanding the hamster coin contract address. Whether you're seasoned in the sphere of cryptocurrency games or newly intrigued by the potential of Web3 projects, this exploration into hamster coin will equip you with the knowledge needed to engage with this emerging asset class confidently.

Introduction to Hamster Coin

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Hamster Coin is a burgeoning entity in the cryptocurrency landscape, poised to redefine the integration of gaming and digital currencies. Operating on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Hamster Coin offers swift transaction speeds and lower fees, making it an attractive alternative to established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This new player in the market is not just about financial transactions; it is a community-driven project aimed at fostering a decentralized financial system. Its core mission is to empower users with financial autonomy through decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, promoting broader participation in the financial ecosystem.

The coin has gained significant traction due to the popular game, Hamster Kombat, which has captured the attention of over 150 million users globally. Hamster Kombat is not only a game but a phenomenon that combines the thrill of gaming with the benefits of cryptocurrency earning. Set in a Telegram-based platform, this game allows players to earn $HMSTR tokens through a simple yet engaging tap-to-earn system. This system is designed to be inclusive, appealing to both casual gamers and seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

One of the standout aspects of Hamster Coin is its robust community engagement. The dedicated Telegram channel for Hamster Kombat boasts over 444,000 subscribers, providing a vibrant forum for interaction, collaboration, and competition. This thriving community is central to the game's success, fostering a sense of camaraderie and sustained engagement among players.

Furthermore, Hamster Coin has established credibility within the crypto space through strategic partnerships and planned listings, such as its collaboration with the BingX cryptocurrency exchange. These partnerships enhance the coin's legitimacy and reassure investors and users of its potential and reliability. With plans for future expansions and features, Hamster Coin is set to carve a niche for itself in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

Listing Price Calculation

The calculation of the listing price for Hamster Coin involves a dynamic and multifaceted approach, influenced significantly by pre-market trading activities and market expectations. As the crypto community anticipates the official launch, understanding these factors becomes crucial.

Pre-launch Preparations

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Before the official listing, Hamster Coin underwent pre-market trading, which serves as a preliminary gauge of market interest and potential price setting. According to Bybit, the pre-market price of HMSTR varied between $0.001 and $0.1. This phase is critical as it reflects the speculative value investors are willing to assign to the coin based on available information and market sentiment. Bybit and other platforms like Gate.io and KuCoin have actively engaged in this early trading phase, underscoring the growing interest in gaming tokens.

The pre-market trading also highlighted the uncertainties associated with on-chain token conversion rates, which can significantly impact the final listing price. For instance, previous games like Notcoin had specific conversion strategies, but Hamster Kombat has not yet disclosed these details, adding an element of suspense and risk to the investment.

Marketing Impacts

The marketing strategies employed by Hamster Coin also play a pivotal role in shaping the listing price. The launch of Hamster Kombat's pre-market trading was accompanied by substantial buzz, driven by its innovative integration of gaming and cryptocurrency. The excitement around the game and its token was amplified through strategic partnerships and announcements on platforms like The Open Network (TON), where the token is expected to officially launch.

Platforms like Bybit have stated that while pre-market trading may reflect market expectations, the official listing price is influenced by various factors, including market dynamics and investor behavior. The initial surge in price on Bybit, where HMSTR's price shot from $0.001 to $0.1 shortly after trading began, illustrates the volatility and speculative nature of new crypto tokens.

In conclusion, the listing price of Hamster Coin is the culmination of pre-launch trading dynamics, market sentiment, and strategic marketing efforts. These elements collectively contribute to establishing the initial market value of the coin, setting the stage for its entry into the broader cryptocurrency market.

Future Market Trends

Future Market Trends
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Highs and Lows to Anticipate

The future market trends for Hamster Coin suggest a dynamic trajectory. Predictions for 2025 indicate a price range between $0.007146 and $0.033768, suggesting a potential gain of up to 372.51% if the upper price target is achieved. Moving towards 2030, the price is expected to vary between $0.018016 and $0.029212, with a potential gain of 308.76%. These predictions underscore the coin's volatility but also highlight significant growth potential if market conditions are favorable.

Growth Potential

Hamster Kombat, a key driver for Hamster Coin's adoption, is poised to leverage its massive user base on Telegram to expand its reach in the cryptocurrency market. The TON Network, integral to Hamster Kombat's operations, has seen a 20x increase in total value locked, indicating robust network growth and increased adoption. However, competition from other tap-to-earn games and emerging TON Network meme coins could pose challenges. Despite potential hurdles, the enduring appeal of meme coins and strategic network affiliations suggest that Hamster Coin could sustain its relevance and value in the near term, particularly through 2025 and 2026. Beyond this period, the landscape appears more uncertain, with predictions leaning towards a gradual decline in the token's value, potentially reverting to near its initial coin offering price by the end of the decade.

Buying Process for Hamster Coin

Buying Process for Hamster Coin
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The process of acquiring Hamster Coin involves several steps, from selecting the right platform to integrating a wallet for secure transactions. Here, we outline the key phases to help investors navigate the purchase of Hamster Coin efficiently.

Platform Choices

Investors have multiple platforms to choose from when buying Hamster Coin. Centralized exchanges like Binance offer a straightforward way to purchase Hamster Coin by using base currencies such as USDT or Ethereum. To start, one should register on a reliable exchange and complete the necessary verification steps. For those preferring decentralized exchanges (DEXs), platforms like Uniswap allow users to swap other cryptocurrencies for Hamster Coin. It's important to first acquire a base cryptocurrency, which can then be swapped for Hamster Coin on these DEXs.

Wallet Integration

After purchasing Hamster Coin, securing it in a cryptocurrency wallet is crucial for both safety and further transactions. Wallets like MetaMask are widely used for their compatibility with various DEXs and ease of use through browser extensions or mobile apps. Setting up a wallet involves registering and securing it with a unique seed phrase. Once set up, the wallet can be connected to a DEX where Hamster Coin is available, facilitating further trades or swaps. For centralized exchanges, investors can transfer their Hamster Coin from the exchange wallet to their personal wallet to enhance security.

By following these steps, investors can effectively manage their Hamster Coin transactions, ensuring a smooth buying process and secure storage.


Through our exploration of Hamster Coin, we've delved into its promising integration of gaming and cryptocurrency, underpinning how it stands distinct in the crowded digital currency landscape. From its engaging premise in Hamster Kombat to strategic market movements and robust community support, the currency emerges as a noteworthy contender in both investment and entertainment spheres. The analysis provided not only gave insights into the coin's current standing but also guided potential investors through the complex terrain of buying and investing in this dynamic asset. The coin's future, marked by predicted highs and lows, suggests a trajectory ripe with opportunity, underscored by its potential for growth and the challenges it might face in an evolving market.

As the digital currency realm continues to expand, Hamster Coin exemplifies the innovative convergence of gaming and finance, highlighting the broader implications of such projects on the future of cryptocurrency. With suggested actions for interested buyers and an eye on future developments, our discussion leaves readers well-positioned to engage with Hamster Coin and similar projects. While cautious optimism is advisable given the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrencies, the advent of Hamster Coin represents a fascinating segment of the digital economy to observe, participate in, and potentially benefit from as it unfolds.


What is the current value of a Hamster coin?
As of today, the value of a Hamster coin stands at less than $0.000001 per HAM/USD. The market cap is currently $4.35 million USD, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1.55 million USD. The price of Hamster is updated in real-time and has experienced a decrease of 2.03% over the last 24 hours. The circulating supply is approximately 2,384,230.00 billion HAM coins.

Does Hamster coin actually exist?
Yes, Hamster coin is a legitimate cryptocurrency. It plays a central role in its ecosystem, particularly in the Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming sector, where users can earn rewards through gameplay, catering to various interests and needs of its users.

On which platform can you find Hamster coin available for trading?
Hamster coin is listed on Bybit, which is the second-largest crypto exchange by market share. Bybit has recently added Hamster Kombat, a popular Telegram-based crypto project, to its platform for pre-market trading. This listing is part of Bybit's effort to support and promote new cryptocurrency projects, especially those connected to Telegram's Open Network (TON).

What are the future prospects for Hamster coin?
Based on current predictions and technical analysis, the price of Hamster coin is expected to increase by 228.04% and reach $0.023443 by August 5, 2024. The market sentiment is currently bearish, and the Fear & Greed Index indicates a level of 29, which falls under the category of 'Fear'.

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