MCU weapons ranked : The 10 Best Weapons In MCU

Mcu weapons ranked

From vibranium cat claws to mystical hammers, the MCU has many iconic weapons wielded by heroes and villains alike.

MCU Weapons
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With the whole Infinity Saga and more films and Disney+ shows, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen an outsized and diverse cast of characters. As a result, many characters sport a signature weapon to assist them stand out.

From heroes to villains, the MCU's many weapons are as unique because the characters themselves but which of them are the best? which of them stole the show the most? These range from firearms to entire costumes designed to be walking weapons that turn the hero or villain into a powerhouse.

mcu weapons ranked

1 Stormbreaker

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How can Marvel possibly top Mjolnir? the solution was the huge ax/hammer combination referred to as Stormbreaker with a hilt made up of the hardened wood of Groot's arm. Thor's entrance into the battle of Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War wielding Stormbreaker has become famous.

Stormbreaker allowed Thor to become an actual God Of Thunder instead of an extraterrestrial with god-like abilities. Stormbreaker was ready to penetrate and impale Thanos as if it were a knife carving through butter and destroyed Chitauri ships and forces with ease.

2.Vibranium Shield

Vibranium Shield
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Made from an equivalent vibranium metal as Black Panther's suit, Captain America's rounded shield is an iconic staple of the hero. like all shield, it can block any attack but unlike other metal shields, the vibranium absorbs the vibrations resulting in bullets just dropping rather than ricocheting.

Of course, Captain America's most famous attack with the shield is throwing it sort of a frisbee to attack enemies or slice into objects. Captain America's shield constantly disobeys the laws of physics by always returning to him but that adds to the charm and why fans love this shield such a lot .

3.Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet
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This is what the whole Infinity Saga culminated into with all the films introducing the six Infinity Stones. When Time, Space, Reality, Power, Mind, and Soul are all combined together into the Infinity Gauntlet, it creates the foremost powerful weapon within the universe.

Even with just two Infinity Stones, the Gauntlet was enough to get waste to entire planets. Control over those essential aspects of the universe made Thanos the most important villain so far within the MCU. There was another Infinity Gauntlet created by Tony Stark which helped bring back half the universe killed by Thanos.

4.Panther Suit

Panther Suit
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Combined with the powers given by the heart-shaped herb, the suit of the Black Panther may be a nearly indestructible weapon. Everything from the material to the cat-like claws and helmet is synthesized from vibranium, thus allowing it to soak up any attack with ease.
Black Panther can slice into seemingly any material together with his claws also as scale any wall. T'Challa's second Black Panther suit not only absorbs the damage from attacks but redistributes it into charging K.E. for a strong explosion or extra damage into his melee attacks.

5.Yaka Arrow

Yaka Arrow
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Yondu Udonta proved to be a brave member of the Guardians Of The Galaxy, especially when he controlled his technologically advanced arrow together with his whistles. He killed a gaggle of Sakaarans in seconds but that pales as compared to when he upgraded to a prototype fin that permits him to form his Yaka Arrow even stronger.

Yondu was ready to remove a whole legion of Ravagers, with the Yaka Arrow then joining the Guardians in battling Ego The Living Planet. The Yaka Arrow turned Yondu from a unusual pirate to a stand-out Guardian and a real hero.


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Mixing advanced smithing with the magic of Odin, Mjolnir became the weapon that defined Thor for hundreds of years because the God Of Thunder. Mjolnir isn't the source of Thor's power but it does help him channel it to summon lightning, fly, and unleash devastating attacks.

However, Mjolnir isn't exclusive to Thor: anyone worthy can wield it et al. have within the MCU. Vision wielded the hammer to battle Ultron and one among the foremost famous moments of the MCU featured Captain America lifting and mastering the facility of Mjolnir in Avengers: Endgame.

7.Iron Man Armor

Iron Man Armor
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It's difficult to select only one Iron Man suit considering what percentage there are and that they all serve essentially serve an equivalent purpose. From the repulsors within the palms, missile launchers, and countless other gadgets and functions, it's basically a wearable weapon of mass destruction.
Tony Stark himself would call it anything but a weapon but within the literal sense, Iron Man is indeed a weapon, as shown when later models were ready to bring down Asgardians, powerful robots, Captain America, and even draw blood from Thanos.

8.Falcon Wingsuit

Falcon Wingsuit
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Sam Wilson AKA the Falcon (and the new Captain America) has had several variations of his wingsuit but nearly all of them function similarly. Obviously, they permit him to fly as Falcon but he can envelop himself with the wings, providing a bulletproof shield or a ram .

Sam's wingsuit also features attachments like holsters for machine pistols, a complicated heads-up display in his goggles, and remote drones referred to as Redwings. With these wingsuits, Falcon was ready to fight powered individuals including The Winter Soldier, The Flag Smashers, and US Agent.

9.Asgardian Daggers

Asgardian Daggers
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Though Loki proved to be capable with the Scepter within the Avengers, his true talent lies with the twin daggers made up of Asgardian steel. They mix that classic Nordic design with the hilt, while the blade shows a more advanced and alien design, fitting with the MCU combat Asgard.

In Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, and therefore the Loki Disney+ series, the daggers fit one among the MCU's best anti-heroes' agile and swift fighting styles, allowing him to deal quick but precise attacks which will end an opponent as quickly as successful from his brother's hammer.

10.Element Guns

Element Guns
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To stand out from the seemingly endless amounts of intergalactic outlaws, it requires a singular weapon. Peter Quill (AKA Star-Lord) wields dual blasters with two barrels on the highest and bottom; one fires plasma blasts while the opposite sends out electric shots. Quill can fire one at a time or both directly for a good more powerful attack.

These small blasters do quite remove pirates and nameless Sakaarans. Star-Lord can deal damage to powerful foes, including his father Ego The Living Planet, and even Thanos during the battle on Titan.

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