Super Dancer Chapter 4 Gears Up For The Finale; 'Nachpan Ka Maha Mahotsav'

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Gears Up For The Finale; 'Nachpan Ka Maha Mahotsav' To Be Aired On October 

Image Source: Sony TV PR

Sony TV's popular children dance reality show Super Dancer Chapter 4 is getting hither to a gallant Grand Finale"Nachpan Ka Maha Mahotsav"after mesmerising the cult week after week with not just great performances by this season's finest bent, but also celebrating every challenger's expedition. 

Presently are Top Five challengers-Florina Gogoi, Esha Mishra, Sanchit Chanana, Pruthviraj Kongari, and Neerja Tiwari- partaking their contemplation and joy about the'Nachpan ka Maha Mohtasav. 

Florina Gogoi shares,"It's a really big achievement for me to be a part of'Nachpan Ka Maha Mohatsav'which is the full closing in the history of ball reality shows. I'm feeling all kinds of chords and am elevated to have reached the Top 5 graduation. 

The final aspiration is yet to be achieved and I'll give it my all. Tushar (Shetty) bastard and I'll give our noncasual performance for the cult in this grand closing and make everyone proud."

Esha Mishra says,"I'm really heated for the Nachpan Ka Maha Mahotsav as this was the day we've all been biding for. I nowise anticipated coming this far, and when I did, I nowise awaited meeting so multifold well- known Bollywood artists who have given me so important love. And now that I am in the top 5, all I want to do is give it my all and win the Super Dancer Chapter 4 glory for my family and Sonali (Kar) didi."

 Sanchit Chanana says,"It's a big achievement and a proud moment for me and my family to be one of the top 5 finalists of Super Dancer Chapter 4. I've mixed feelings right now; I'm both heated and anxious at the same time as this has been a long peregrination for me. I've been rehearsing constantly with Vartika (Jha) didi for my endgame act to give the followership a power- packed performance. Looking forward to the'Nachpan Ka Maha Mahotsav'."

Pruthviraj Kongari shares,"The finish,'Nachpan Ka Maha Mahotsav,'sounds like a fiesta, and I'm hyperactive because it'll be one of the biggest reality show finales ever, and I'm recognized to be a part of it as one of the top five finalists. Super Dancer Chapter 4 has been a fantastic trek for me, and the show's finish will feature a number of delightful acts. I am not bothered at all, but I am really looking forward to the close."

Neerja Tiwari says,"It feels amazing to be a part of'Nachpan Ka Maha Mahotsav'as one of the finalists, to be honest. I consider myself fortunate to be a part of this show. I owe a debt of thankfulness to my family and following for their undeviating love and support during this trek. I am really much looking forward to performing for the finish, and I am hoping that people will enjoy my performance and pour me with the same affection they have shown so far."

The'Nachpan Ka Mahautsav'of Super Dancer Chapter 4 will state on October 9 starting at 8 pm on Sony Television. 

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