That's why accounts are getting hacked

Research has revealed that the most popular passwords are the most easy to hack.

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Passwords are an important part of our lives, but if you aren't making the right kind of passwords then it could be putting your data at risk. Here are some tips that can help you create stronger passwords that are more secure.

It is often heard that people use passwords like '123456' the most, but this is not the case at all. A research has revealed that the most popular password in India is 'password'. At the same time, the interesting thing is that Japan is such a country, which is a step away from India in terms of technology, but is equal to India in terms of password.

iloveyou and omsairam most common passwords

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The most used passwords by the people of the country include 'iloveyou', 'krishna', 'sairam' and 'omsairam'. This has come to the fore in the research of NordePass. This website helps users to manage passwords. Names and words of love are quite popular among both men and women in India. At the same time, other types of passwords include 123456789, 12345678, india123, qwerty, abc123, xxx, Indya123, 1qaz@WSX, 123123, abcd1234 and 1qaz.

Passwords with romantic words are more popular among women

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Name passwords are also very popular among both men and women in the country. It includes names like 'priyanka', 'sanjay', 'rakesh'. Love words in English for passwords such as 'iloveyou', 'sweetheart', 'lovely', 'sunshine' are also quite common, especially these passwords are more popular among women.

Such passwords are hacked in a second

Research has revealed that the most popular passwords are the most easy to hack. Overall, there are 62 out of 200 passwords in India that can be hacked in less than a second.

Keep these things in mind while creating password

From Gmail to bank and UPI transactions, at least one password is required. A user has to remember at least 12 to 18 passwords. That's why most people make passwords easy. They are remembered, but the chances of getting hacked increase. In view of this, today we are telling you what mistakes should be avoided in creating a secure password.

Keep in mind when creating a secure password

  • Use at least 10 to 15 characters in the password.
  •   Also use numbers with alphabet in it.
  •   Put an alphabetic capital in the password.
  •   Special characters like ! Also use @ # $ % ^ & * ).
  •   Keep changing your password from time to time.
  •   Where possible, protect the password with OTP as well.

What are the mistakes not to make in password making?

  • Do not create passwords with simple words.
  •   Do not use less than 8 characters in the password.
  •   Do not use your name, date of birth in password.
  •   Don't even make your username a password.
  •   Never create a password by asking anyone.

Keep Your Passwords Safe and Freely with Passphrase.

To protect your data and device, you are using passphrase instead of password. Compared to other passwords, they are easy to create, but difficult to crack. The special thing is that it is easy to create and remember its password on different platforms. Take for example...

Suppose you live in Bhopal. Then you took the first word of all of I live in bhopal i.e. Ilib. Now it took g or f of facebook or the first word of any other app according to gmail. Also added numbers to remember always. This may include your date of birth or year. Then your Gmail password can be Ilibg2015 or Facebook password Ilibf2015. Similarly you can create passphrase.

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