Amazon again caught in controversies! ;selling national flag T-shirts and shoes

Amazon again caught in controversies! There is an allegation of selling national flag T-shirts and shoes

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Amazon Boycott Trending On Twitter: Online shopping platform Amazon (Amazon) is facing opposition from users on Twitter. #Amazon_Insults_National_Flag is trending on Twitter.

Actually, the national flag was printed on many products like chocolate wrappers, face masks, ceramic mugs, clothes sold on Amazon.

Many users wrote in the tweet that this is a violation of the code related to the national flag. According to this code, the flag shall not be used as part of any dress or uniform. It should not be embroidered or printed on cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins or boxes. However, it is not clear whether the use of only three colors included in the flag is also prohibited by the flag code.

Some said - these are cheap ways

Many people took to social media to express their anger against Amazon. He said that it looks like the controversy that happened in 2017. Some users said that Amazon is using 'cheap methods' to increase its sales. However, some said that the company is working hard to please the Indian consumers.

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Let us tell you that before the 73rd Republic Day i.e. last week on the occasion of Republic Day, the company ran the sale (Amazon Republic Day Sale). Some users have accused this cell of selling such shoes and clothes, on which the Indian national flag was printed. When we did a cursory search on Tricolor on Amazon, we found many clothes that had the tricolor printed on them. We did not get tricolor shoes. We found in the search that some face masks were also in national flag, but they did not have Ashok Chakra on them.

what happened before

In 2019, Amazon was accused of selling toilet seat covers and doormats with images of Hindu deities. Even then the same Boycott campaign was going on. Earlier in 2017, Amazon's Canadian website was accused of selling doormats with the picture of the Indian tricolor. Then the Indian government raised this issue in front of the American and Canadian embassy. The government had instructed him to raise this matter in front of the senior leadership of Amazon.
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Then Jeff Bezos, the former CEO of Amazon and the company's founder, said that a global audit would be conducted in view of such cases. Wherever such products are seen, they will be removed.

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