What Is Teleprompter? Problem in the PM teleprompter in live

What Is Teleprompter? Teleprompters are being mentioned on social media. 

 So let's know why it is in discussion and what happens. So know every single thing related to it.

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In fact, on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the Davos Summit of the World Economic Forum. During this, due to some technical problem, PM Modi had to stop his address in the middle. After this it is being discussed that due to a problem in the teleprompter, the speech was stopped in the middle. Since then, many types of comments are being made on social media about the teleprompter and Rahul Gandhi has also tweeted in this context.

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What is Teleprompter?

Teleprompters are also known as prompters or autoqueues. It is a kind of device through which something can be read. Just as you read something written on a page or in a book, in a teleprompter you move that detail through a screen. For example, suppose there is a TV, laptop screen and something is written on it, which has to be read. In a way, it is a screen, on which something is seen written, which the user grows.

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If understood in direct language, if any person has to read something, then he reads it by looking at a different screen without looking at the paper, phone, laptop and this is called teleprompter. If you understand this by example, then when you watch TV, you must have seen that news readers read news continuously by looking in front and they do not take the help of any paper or laptop. Often people think that they remember everything, but it is not so. In fact, he reads the news through the teleprompter installed under the camera and the news is written in it like the pages of a book and he keeps reading it.

Like many times you must have seen a remote in the hand of the news reader, through which he adjusts the screen of the teleprompter itself, at what speed the text should be up and down. There are many types of teleprompters available in the market, in which there are options to operate from hand remote to foot. That's why a teleprompter is used to read text on a screen, which is used to read news channels, speeches, dialogues, etc. Many leaders also use it for speech and people think that Netaji is reading without seeing, but it does not happen.

How does this teleprompter work?

The teleprompter is like an LCD and the text is shown through a reflection in it. In some teleprompters, text appears directly on the screen through technology, as seen in the phone and it is read.

What is special about PM's teleprompter?

If we talk about the teleprompters of the Prime Minister or other celebrities, then they are of different types. Many times you must have seen the PM giving a speech and there are two glasses in front, which are teleprompters. The PM reads his speech through these teleprompters and takes their help to keep his point in front of the public. You can understand well from the picture given below.

What happens is that the text of the PM who has to speak in these screens, that is, the speech continues and he keeps his word after seeing it. With this, he also maintains eye contact with the public or the camera and can also speak his point. If they read by looking at the paper, then they will not be able to connect with the listener, so speeches are given through teleprompter.

It is made of special technology, which is like glass. People looking from the other side see this glass only, but the side from where PM Modi reads, he sees the text. This type of teleprompter is called Conference Teleprompter. In this, the LCD monitor is at the bottom, whose focus remains upwards. There are glasses around the presenter, which are aligned in such a way that the text running on the LCD monitor is reflected on them.

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