Now you will be able to file complaint of child labor online, just have to do this

Pencil Portal : Now you'll be suitable to file complaint of child labor online, just have to do this 

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Indeed moment a large number of children are forced to do child labor inIndia.However, also due to the Corona extremity (Covid-19) where businesses were fully stalled and the whole world is in the grip of profitable extremity, If we talk about moment than ahead. 

In such a situation, it's sure to have an effect on the children. All sweats are being made to stop child labor. In this occasion, the Ministry of Labor and Employment has also espoused a new way to stop it. Where there's an trouble to check child labor by making people apprehensive and with their help. In fact, childline risk free figures have formerly been issued, so that if you also see child labor working, also you can give a complaint by calling those figures. 

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In moment's time, you must have seen numerous children doing child labor every day, whose future can be guessed. Thus, your one step can save the future of children doing child labor from beingruined.However, also you can complain about it online, If you also see a child doing child labour. 

Child labor complaint 

 The Ministry of Labor and Employment, while twittering from its official Twitter handle, wrote that it's a crime to get a job or employment under the age of children. In this, the parents can also bepunished.However, also you can give a complaint to the pencil gate, child line number-1098, If you also see child labor passing. 

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File a complaint on Pencil Portal like this 

Step 01 - To register a complaint on the PENCIL gate, you first have to visit its sanctioned website https// 

Step 02 - After this you'll see an option on the home runner, which will be written as Complaint/ Report a Child. Now you have to elect this option. 

Step 03 - Now a form will open in front of you, in which where you got the child and you'll have to fill the complete information of the child. 

Step 04 - After checking the complete form at last, submit it, by doing this your complaint will be registered. 

At the same time, the option to track the status of the complaint given by you'll also be available with you. In this, you have to choose the option of complain or report child on the home runner. Then you'll be suitable to track the status of the complaint. 

You can also complain on number 1098 

After the evidence of child labor or in such a situation, if you want, you can give information by reaching the child line number-1098. Piecemeal from this, you can also complain to the nearest police station. 

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