Russia Ukraine War news : Facebook banned in Russia, the government took this step

Russia Ukraine War: Russian authorities on Friday imposed a 'partial ban' on the use of Facebook. The ban comes in response to Facebook blocking various accounts of Russian-backed media organizations over the invasion of Ukraine. In view of Russia's attack on Ukraine, many countries have imposed sanctions at their own level. Facebook is also a form of this restriction.

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The Russian government had demanded the removal of the ban imposed on many media organizations.

Russia's state-run communications agency Roskomnadzor said on Friday that it linked Facebook to state news agency 'RIA Novosti', state TV channel 'Zvezda' and pro-government news websites '' and '' on Thursday. There was a demand for removal of the ban.

The agency said Facebook did not restore the accounts of the media organizations. The agency said the "partial ban" went into effect on Friday. He has described this step as a step taken to protect the Russian media.

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All countries are uniting to stop this

Russian troops launched an attack on the Ukrainian capital Kiev on Friday. Gunshots and explosions echoed near government buildings. This action of Russia has raised the possibility of a widespread war in Europe, while efforts have also started around the world to stop it.

Russian soldiers demolished many buildings, bridges and schools

There have also been incidents of shootings and explosions in front of buildings, bridges and schools in Kiev amid reports of hundreds of casualties from the war. There were also growing signs that Russian President Vladimir Putin was trying to overthrow Ukraine's current government. It is Putin's biggest move to reshape the world map and restore Russia's Cold War influence.

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However, in this war it is not yet clear how much of Ukraine is still in its possession and how much has been controlled by Russia. Meanwhile, the Kremlin has accepted Kiev's offer to hold talks, but it appears to be lenient to the war-torn Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, rather than seeking a diplomatic solution to the matter.

Western countries held  emergency meeting

Western leaders have held emergency meetings and Ukraine's president has sought international help to stop such attacks as he fears Russia could overthrow his democratically elected government.  Ukraine could cause massive casualties and damage the global economy.

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