World's Biggest NFT marketplace OpenSea hacked

World's Biggest NFT marketplace OpenSea hacked 

World's largest NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace, OpenSea on Sunday verified that it has been hit by a phishing attack and at least 32 users had lost their precious NFTs worth$1.7 million. 

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OpenSeaCo-Founder and CEO, Devin Finzer conceded the phishing attack, attesting that 32 users have lost NFTs so far. 

He said rumours that this was a$ 200 million hack are false and the bushwhacker"has$1.7 million of ETH (Ethereum) in his wallet from selling some of the stolen NFTs. 

While the NFT marketplace was yet to figure out the magnanimity of the cyber attack, Blockchain investigator Peckshield said he suspects a possible leak of stoner information ( including mail ids) that fuelled the phishing attack. 

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"We're laboriously probing rumours of an exploit associated with OpenSea related smart contracts. This appears to be a phishing attack originating outside of OpenSea's website,"the NFT marketplace posted in a tweet. 

The hack happened as OpenSea announced a new smart contract upgrade with a one-week deadline to delist inactive NFTs on the platform. 

The smart contract upgrade needed users to resettle their listed NFTs from ETH blockchain to a new smart contract.

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Within hours after OpenSea's upgrade advertisement, reports across multiple sources surfaced about an ongoing attack that targets the soon-to-be-delisted NFTs. 

"We do not believe it's connected to the OpenSea website. It appears 32 users so far have inked a vicious payload from an bushwhacker, and some of their NFTs were 

Stolen,"Finzer posted

The OpenSea CEO prompted affected users to directly communication him on Twitter. 

The phishing attack on NFT marketplace passed as the UK tax authority last week seized three NFTs as part of a inquiry into a1.4 million pounds ( nearly$1.9 million) fraud case, the BBC reported on Monday. 

The authority said it was the first UK law enforcement to seize an NFT. 

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs also seized pounds worth of crypto means ($) alongside three NFT artworks, which have yet to be valued. 

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