How to Earn Money from Google Map : Great offer to earn money

Great offer to earn money from Google map, take advantage

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There's great news for Google users that you can earn points using Google Maps anywhere and anytime. You'll get these points according to your performance. If you really want to earn money from Google Map also surely read this article. 

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation app in the world. It's reckoned upon by travelers from each over the world to travel to destinations they've never been to. Apart from this, from exploring new places in your neighborhood to traveling between work and home, estimate the time. Let's indeed look for places inside a structure. Dispensable to say that this is a veritably useful tool. But do you know that you can also earn money from Google Maps? 

How to earn points from google map 

Google Maps gives users Google Map Points to contribute to making the Nautical Platform more useful and accurate. Google Maps gives points to people who describe their experience with reviews. 

Such as sharing photos and videos, answering, answering other's questions about a place, streamlining information with position editing, adding missing places or providing accurate information by fact-checking. These points keep changing with your contribution. So let's know how numerous points are available on what ( Earn Google Map Points). 

 Points in Google Map 

  • 10 points per review 
  • 10 bonus points with more than 200 characters 
  • 1 point per rating 
  • 5 points per photo 
  • 3 points per photo tag 
  • 7 points per video 
  • 1 mark per answer 
  • 3 marks on Q&A 
  • 5 points per edit 
  • fact check 1 point 

Keep this thing in Mind in Google Map 

As these points increase, so does your level. When a person scores 250 points, he gets a star. As these scores keep on adding and the local companion crosses different sites like 1500 points, 5000 points, 15000 points and further, it gets further preferences on Google. 

But for your information, let us tell you that through this you can earn only points and not money. But yes, you can use the following aspects to earn money through Google Map. 

How to Earn Money from Google Map 

Lionbridge is a company that works with companies similar as Google to insure that maps and search results and other Internet- related information is accurate and over to date. It pays from$ 10 ( roughly Rs 756) to$ 16 (Rs) per hour. 

Another way is to come an online marketing adviser. An online marketing consultant uses SEO, advertisements, and user generated content to drive further customers to small businesses.

You can help small businesses get noticed and more customers online. Or you can optimize their online presence in such a way that they get more customers. However, for this you need some marketing knowledge and web development chops. 

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