Beyoncé Releases New Album Track List 2022

Beyoncé new album 2022 tracklist

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Beyoncé has previously released her new album 'Renaissance' as a surprise and fans have been speculating about what it will sound like. Here's everything we know so far.

beyoncé new album 2022 release date

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The track list for "Renaissance" has been released as anticipation for Beyoncé's new album continues to grow. Beyoncé has revealed the full tracklist for her upcoming seventh studio album RENAISSANCE, her upcoming seventh studio album RENAISSANCE - watch it below. Beyonce revealed details of Beyonce's new album via Instagram. Six years after the release of her last studio album, Lemonade, Beyoncé has announced that the first part of her new album, titled "Renaissance," will be released on July 29.

Beyoncé will release her seventh album next week, containing sixteen new tracks. Beyoncé closes the album with a track called Summer Renaissance, which is a reference to the July 29 release. Beyoncé also revealed the official release date for her next album, along with a cover shot by Carlin Jacobs that shows the singer posing on a glowing horse.

Beyonce revealed details of Beyonce's new album via Instagram.

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Beyoncé revealed the list via Instagram on Wednesday, about nine days before the project officially launched on the streaming service. In addition to the tracklist of 16 record-breaking songs, Beyoncé has released the composer list for her highly anticipated seventh studio album, revealing her partnership with a number of well-known figures including husband Jay-Z, Drake, Skrillex Artist collaboration. , Dream and 070 Shake. In keeping with Beyoncé's old school, the release of her new album "Renaissance" (released July 29) revealed the credits a week before its release to further the hype.

Both Drakes, Nevermind, and Beyonces, the lead single from her new album "Break My Soul", have dabbled in house music, and Beyoncé has hinted that much of the upcoming LP will continue to explore that sound. At the end of last month, Beyonce unexpectedly released "Break My Soul", the first single from the album. So far, Beyoncé has only released BREAK MY SOUL from her seventh album, and according to Variety, the album is said to be inspired by dancehall and country sounds.

The full track listing, posted by Beyoncé on Instagram Stories, includes 15 new songs in addition to the already released Break My Soul single. Let's take a look at everything we know about his next project RENAISSANCE so far. With all the credits on the tracklist released to the public, we know who Beyoncé has been fully working with on her new album. The song titles displayed the song titles in a flickering motion, and a timer at the bottom of the screen shows the days, hours, and minutes remaining until the release date of her seventh solo album, July 29.

Renaissance makes its debut on July 29, 2022. Until then, check out the full tracklist below.

01 I’m That Girl

02 Cozy

03 Alien Superstar

04 Cuff It

05 Energy

06 Break My Soul

07 Church Girl

08 Plastic Off the Sofa

09 Virgo’s Groove

10 Move

11 Heated

12 Thique

13 All Up in Your Mind

14 America Has a Problem

15 Pure/Honey

16 Summer Renaissance


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