Gmail Storage Full: Is your Gmail storage too full? So do it for free this

Gmail Storage Full: Is your Gmail storage too full? So do it for free this, know the complete method here

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Gmail Storage Full How to Free up Space If you're working on Gmail for a long time and your storage is full also you can free it. Today we will tell you how you can free up full storage. 

Gmail Storage Full: How to quickly make storage space

Thousands of people around the world use Gmail. As you know that Google has given us the service of Gmail. It's used by us both personally and professionally. We use our Gmail account to send any sanctioned mail. Let us know that Google is also offering 15 GB of free cloud storage space which is divided across all the services. In such a situation, if your storage is full also you can clear it. Let's know about it. 

For information, let us tell you that the search mammoth has recently added a storage control tool to Gmail. While this isn't a new feature, Google has made it easy for the user to access the Settings section.

Gmail storage full : How to Create Storage Space in Gmail

How to Create Storage Space in Gmail Users just need to open the Gmail app on their smartphone and valve on their profile icon, which appears. appears in the upper right corner of the screen. You'll now see a pall icon and details about how much storage space your Gmail app is using. You can tap on the cloud icon to learn further about which Google services take up storage space. Google also shows a simple graph to make it easier for you to understand the storage space used. You can also simply tap on the" Clean up space" button to access the Storage Manager tool. Here, you will see a" Large particulars" section where you will be suitable to view and delete large files to free up a lot of storage space at formerly. All you need to do is tap on any box under the" Large Items" section Google will then show you all the large files. You can review them by tapping on the profile icon of any of the results shown in the list. Once you've done that, you can go back and quickly recoup the files. To clear up some storage space for emails in Gmail, you simply open the Google Drive app or the Google prints app and open the documents or photos manually. With this you can also delete some videos, which will help in making space easily. 

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