Kerala: The First State With Its Own Internet Service and Gets Isp Licence

Kerala: The First State With Its Own Internet Service and Gets Isp Licence

Kerala Fiber Optic Network Limited (KFON) has received an internet service provider license from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), making Kerala the first Indian state to have its own internet service.

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It has been announced that Kerala Fiber Optic Network Ltd will bridge the company's digital divide and be able to smoothly launch operations, said Pinarayi Vijayan. The mission of Kerala Fiber Optic Network Limited is to provide free Internet access to every village and city in Kerala, home to over 2 million economically disadvantaged families. To achieve the goals, Kerala intends to build the state's backbone fiber optic network that will connect over 30,000 government organizations and, using K-Fon's infrastructure, wants to provide free Internet access to low-income families and subsidized Internet access to others. As part of the KFON project, more than 30,000 government agencies in the Indian state of Kerala will also receive free Internet access.


It should be noted that the KFON scheme is designed to provide free internet to BPL households and 30,000 government agencies, according to the PTI news agency. The minister added that the KFON project can now be launched and everyone who lives in the state can access the Internet as a basic right. The Prime Minister of Kerala stated that there is no doubt that a project to bridge the digital divide in society can begin its work. Now that the Department of Telecommunications has given the go-ahead to K-Fon, Kerala can launch an operation to bridge the digital divide.


According to News18, the main goal of the state government's K-Fon program is to create a basic network infrastructure (an information backbone) that all service providers can access without discrimination in order to widen their connectivity gap. The announcement comes after Kerala Optical Fiber Networks Limited (KFON) obtained an Internet Service Provider (ISP) license from the Ministry of Telecommunications. Now Kerala Fibre Networks Ltd can start its internet delivery business which is a fundamental right of our people. Kerala, in partnership with all system operators, internet service providers and telecommunication service providers, will also provide free internet services to more than 2 million economically disadvantaged people through this project.


According to the government, the infrastructure created as part of this project should complement the state's existing telecommunications ecosystem. Kerala has become the first and only state in the country to have its own Internet service, according to Prime Minister Pinaraya Vijayan, who announced this. Announcing the news on Twitter, the Prime Minister of Kerala Pinrayi Vijayan tweeted: “The Indian state of Kerala becomes the only state in India to have its own internet service.


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