Monkeypox guidelines : It's important to read these guidelines on behavior, hugging, kissing

Monkeypox guidelines : It's important to read these guidelines on sexual behavior, hugging, kissing 

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Monkeypox guidelines The knock of monkeypox around the world has put governments and health experts in pressure. The world has not yet recovered from the annihilation of Corona that this new trouble has come to the fore. Meanwhile, WHO has alerted the governments of the world and advised about the sexual behavior of humans. 

The world hadn't yet recovered from the coronavirus that monkeypox has knocked. This disease, with symptoms like rashes, headache, exhaustion, fever in the body, has increased the concern of health experts and governments. 

The latest figures show that till now monkeypox has spread among,000 people in 78 countries of the world. 70 percent of these cases have come from Europe while 25 percent are from America. still, it's a matter of relief that despite such a huge infection, so far only 5 people have died due to monkeypox. Whereas about 1800 people have had to go to the hospital each over the world. 

Has monkeypox come to India? 

Monkeypox has knocked in India too. Monkeypox has been verified in 5 people in the country so far. Of these, 3 are from Kerala, one from Kerala and one from Delhi. It's a matter of concern that on Wednesday only 3 suspected cases of monkeypox have been found from Noida and Ghaziabad. Their samples have been transferred for testing. A suspected case of monkeypox has also been found from Jharkhand. Although the sample report of a woman from Noida has come negative.

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According to the World Health Organization, the disease of monkeypox has come from animals to humans. When infected with it, a person shows symptoms like smallpox. Although monkeypox proves to be fatal only in a small number of cases. But negligence in this can prove to be dangerous. 

Central government monkeypox guideline 

To deal with monkeypox, the central government has issued guidelines to prevent its infection. According to this, a person exposed to monkeypox is needed to remain in isolation for 21 days. The reason for this is that the incubation period of monkeypox is 21 days. piecemeal from this, wearing masks is obligatory. Washing hands continuously. It's also important to keep the skin affected by monkeypox fully covered. 

Tender issued for vaccine 

The Indian government has also become alert amid the adding threat of monkeypox. Now the government has issued an Expression of Interest to develop a tackle to test monkeypox and make a vaccine. It's called tender in common parlance. Companies who are willing to develop monkeypox vaccine can apply for it. 

WHO guideline on Monkeypox 

In view of the outbreak of monkeypox, the World Health Organization( WHO) has also issued some guidelines. The WHO has said that the best way to keep down from monkeypox is to avoid exposure to it. 

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Big concern about monkeypox having sex between two men 

WHO believes that to avoid monkeypox, there's a need to be most careful about sexual relations between two men. According to WHO, such people should reduce their sex partners. Refrain from making new sex mates and share all the information with your existing sex partner so that he can be contacted if needed. The WHO has said that passions of shame and demarcation about this can increase the infection of the disease indeed more. Let us tell you that gay-clubs have played a big part in the infection of this disease in Britain. 

According to WHO, 98 of monkeypox cases are in men who have sex with men. But anyone can get monkeypox, which is why the WHO recommends that countries take action to prevent transmission of the disease to children, pregnant women and other vulnerable groups. 

Hugging, kissing is also dangerous 

According to the WHO, close contact, hugging, hugging, kissing, use of infected coverlet and towels can also beget the spread of monkeypox. According to WHO, it's very important to follow these preventives to avoid monkeypox. 

Was the first case on May 6 

The first case of monkeypox was reported in England on 6 May. Since also, the cases of monkeypox are adding rapidly in the world. After about 70 days, monkeypox knocked in India. The first case of monkeypox was found in India on 14 July in Kerala. So far, three people in Kerala have suffered from this disease. After this, a case in Telangana came under the grip of this disease. 

Monkeypox knocked in North India when a case of monkeypox was confirmed on July 24 in the capital Delhi. The special thing in this case was that this case had no history of going abroad. That is, he came in the grip of this complaint due to domestic infection.

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