This woman puts on her mustache, people make fun of her, but she does not cut it because

This woman puts on her mustache, people make fun of her

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There is a 35-year-old woman living in Kannur in the southern state of Kerala, India, who keeps a mustache. She can't even imagine living without a mustache. What is the reason for keeping their mustache? Why doesn't she cut her mustache? The reason for this is quite interesting.

By the time boys reach their teen age, their beard and mustache start coming. Nowadays, movie stars have increased the craze of beard and mustache so much that every boy wants to have a beard and mustache. However, many times, boys do not have a beard and mustache due to the deterioration of hormones and in women, due to the deterioration of hormones, more hair comes on the face. Women remove these hairs on the face with creams, wax strips, razors and epilators etc. But there is a woman in India who has a mustache and she also likes to keep a mustache. Many times people also made fun of him but he did not cut his mustache. Who is this woman? What is the reason for having a mustache? Know about this.

Who is this mustache lady

The name of this woman wearing a mustache is Shayja, who hails from Kannur in the state of Kerala. 35-year-old Shayza was also read many times to be the object of mockery for her hair on her face and mustache, but she is determined that she will keep a mustache. During an interview, Shayza said, "I like to have a mustache, so I will not get them cut.

Like many women, Shayza had more hair on her face. She used to get threading done regularly but she never felt the need to remove upper lip (mustache or upper lip) hair. About five years ago, his mustache hair started getting thick. Shayza now does not even imagine living without a mustache.

Shayza told during the interview, “During the corona epidemic, I did not even like wearing a mask because I had to wear a mask all the time. Wearing a mask used to cover my mustache. Many people asked me to get a mustache cut but I will not get it cut. I've never even felt like I'm not beautiful."

Today Shayza's family and her daughter support her a lot. His daughter often tells him that his mustache looks good. Many times Shayza has also heard taunts for herself from people on the road, but she does not mind making fun of people.

Do not want to cut mustache for this reason

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Shayza said during the interview, “If I had two lives, I could have lived one life for others. I have had 6 surgeries till now. In the last few years, there was surgery to remove a lump in the breast and then surgery to remove the cyst from the ovary. My last surgery was a hysterectomy five years ago. Whenever I had any surgery, I used to think that this is my last surgery and after that I will never have to go to the operation theatre. After so many surgeries, I gained confidence and thought that I should live a life that makes me happy."

Shayza used to not come out of the house

According to Shayja, she was very shy since childhood and the women of her village did not leave the house after 6 pm. In his village, women were not even allowed to leave the house and even sit outside the house. But when she got married, she went to her in-laws' house in Tamil Nadu. There they got a lot of discounts. Her husband used to go to work and if she needed anything, she would go to the shop alone at night. I learned to work on my own and that boosted my confidence.

What is the reason for Moustache in females?

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According to Clevelandclinic, some women get more hair in certain parts of their body. This hair is found on the top of the lips, on the chin, chest, lower part of the abdomen and also becomes thick with time. It can also be said that the parts of the body of men where there is thick hair, the hair becomes thick in the same parts of women. In medical language, this condition is called Hirsutism. Due to the increase of male hormone or decrease of female hormone in the body, hormone imbalance occurs and unwanted hair comes in many places.

Hirsutism is a condition in which excess hair grows on certain parts of your body. With hirsutism, unwanted hair on the body of women, voice becomes heavy, breast size decreases, muscles grow, sex drive increases, acne comes. Among women who have PCOS, 70-80 percent of women are prone to hirsutism.

There can be many reasons for hirsutism. This condition can be due to polycystic ovary syndrome, production of androgens, over-medication, post-menopause, Cushing's syndrome, etc. This condition is more common in women who live in the Mediterranean, Hispanic, South Asian, or the Middle East.

Is it normal for a woman to have a beard?

Background. The presence of facial and body hair is normal for women. However, the texture of the hair is usually very fine and light in color.

What does it mean when a woman grows beard?

In some cases, female beard growth is the result of a hormonal imbalance (usually androgen excess), or a rare genetic disorder known as hypertrichosis. In some cases a woman's ability to grow a beard can be due to hereditary reasons without anything medically being wrong.

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