365 Days 4: Will there be a fourth movie on Netflix ?

The Next 365 Days’ Review: For Masochists Only

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With The Next 365 Days out now and ending on a rather nebulous note, fans are formerly eager to know if 365 Days 4 is in the works at Netflix. 
The original book series by Blanka Lipinska only comported of three books and Netflix has now acclimated and released all three, 365 Days, 365 Days This Day and The Coming 365 Days. That would suggest that there are n’t plans for a fourth movie, but that could always change.

Spoilers ahead for The Next 365 Days 

Netflix released The Coming 365 Days in August 2022 and the ending isn't as final as one might anticipate for the end of a trio. Not only does it differ hectically from the book( which is actually a good thing, considering the book ending was largely polarizing), but it also leaves effects rather open- ended between Massimo, Laura and Nacho.

365 Days 4 Will there be a fourth movie? 

As of writing this composition on August 19, 2022, Netflix has not announced 365 Days 4. It does n’t mean there wo n’t be another movie, but right now it does n’t sound like there's one in the workshop. 
The ballot has been controversial and critically condemned from the launch, so there is n’t inescapably a strong incitement for Netflix to keep making these movies. still, they do appear to induce a lot of views, so the banderole 
might decide to bankroll a fourth movie if the viewership figures are high enough

That’s what got the two conclusions made. 

For now, all fans can do is watch and rewatch the film on Netflix and show support on social media if they want to see a fourth film get made. maybe Netflix will take notice, but the best way to get their attention is by spreading the word and getting further people to watch the movies. 

365 Days 4 could tell the story from Massimo’s point- of- view 

Following in the steps of other love authors like Stephanie Meyer andE.L. James, 365 Days author Blanka Lipinska has an idea for where to take her story next. She told moment that she is n’t ready to say farewell to Massimo just yet and wants to tell a new story, “ from the beginning. But this time from the perspective of Massimo. ” 
It’s analogous to what Meyers did with Midnight Sun and James withFreed.However, maybe it'll be told from Massimo’s point of view, If Netflix does decide to greenlight 365 Days 4. 

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