Angelina Jolie gets emotional on dropping daughter Zahara at college

Angelina Jolie gets emotional on dropping daughter Zahara at college

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Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie had mixed feelings as another of her children stepped out of their comfort zone. The mother of six shared she was slightly able to contain her tears while dropping her daughter Zahara off at Spelman College, 
The academy s Vice President of Student Affairs Darryl Holloman shared pictures and a videotape of the mother and daughter brace arriving on the school s move- in day. In the clip, the actress met with academy presidentDr. Helene Gayle and had a short interview. 
Dressing down in an each-black outfit,  Angelina Jolie said," I m going to start crying if I talk about moment." The Academy Award- winning actress added," I haven t started crying yet so." 
Dr. Gayle joked that there will be" plenitude of time to cry" at the forthcoming event, which she teased is" deliberately to induce( gashes)- bring it all out." 

Angelina Jolie replied

 " I know. I heard tomorrow night s the big night." She added," I m holding it together." 
Someone behind the camera gushed over the ceremony," It s a big deal." 
The 47- year-old then shared that she felt" so agitated" about getting" a Spelman mom," to which the man who filmed it said," amazing." 
In one of the snaps, meanwhile, Jolie and Zahara posed with Holloman in what looks like a dorm room. The triad were all smiles as Jolie and Holloman removed their masks, while the beginner college student still put her protective mask on. 
Jolie opted for a black blouse with matching pants and platform heels. She had her long hair pulled in an updo, while carrying a faceless bag. As for Zahara, she slipped a green T- shirt with blue jeans. 
Angelina Jolie first revealed Zahara s choice of college on July 31 by participating pictures of the 17- year-old with her new friends. 
Spelman College, a historically Black college and university( HBCU) for women, is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Following a new student exposure from August 10- 15, Zahara will have her sanctioned first day of classes on August 17. It s presently unknown what Zahara plans to major in. 

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