Britney Spears and Elton John's song gets leaked online

Fans fume as Britney Spears and Elton John's song gets leaked

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Britney Spears is returning to music after six years and her fans are agitated for her. But days before Spears was to release her largely anticipated collaboration with Elton John, the song has allegedly blurted online. 
 Fans of the pop star are furious that the new track has made its way to social media before Spears was officially suitable to release the song. 
The song is named' Hold Me Closer' and it's Britney's first song in six years. 
It’s said to be a mashup of bitsy Dancer, one of Sir Elton’s most memorable tunes, mixed with samples from his other songs, including his 1992 track The One. 
The collaboration is a follow to Elton’s team- up with Dua Lipa last summer. Their megahit single' Cold Heart' outgunned several Billboard charts last year and so Britney too hopes her song gets analogous event.

Spears who got freed from conservatorship last time and wedded beau Sam Asghari before this year is trying to revive her music career. 
Dispensable to say, her pious addict base is upset that the song was leaked online. 
Britney, 40, reportedly tweaked the lyrics and offered to sing a new verse for the remix, which is due to drop any day now. 
But some fans online say they got it early and leaked what they claim is a preview of the single. 
In the clip which made its way on Twitter, a voice that's allegedly Britney’s can be heard in her signature high-pitched tone singing “ hold me closer bitsy Dancer, ” among other lyrics. 
The leaked clip is brief and there's no evidence as similar if it's actually Britney who's singing it. nonetheless, fans have been slamming the blurted clip. 
“ This isn't ok. She’s working so hard, ” one Britney fan wrote, mentioning the care the singer has taken with her big comeback track. 
“ Stop leaking it, ” another begged, as a third called out “ Delete it. ” One fan even wondered if the leak was indeed the final version of the song. “ Why leak it if she’s not happy with it? ” wrote another addict. 
Britney and Elton John have participated a warm fellowship over the times. She has been invited to his several of his famous Oscar parties. 
 “ He authentically wants the best for her and to hear them on a track together is amazing," an bigwig was quoted as saying. 
Speaking about her love of Elton, Britney preliminarily said, “ I'm the ­biggest addict in the world of him. Me and my mum, we love him to death. ” 

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