Delivery boy turned millionaire ,now he roams in a car worth 2 crores

Delivery boy turned millionaire ,now he  roams in a car worth 2 crores

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A risky investment has made a delivery boy a millionaire. Now he lives in a house of Rs 4 crore and travels in a car worth Rs 2 crore. Actually, the person had saved 66 thousand rupees while working as an Amazon delivery boy. This savings made him a millionaire. 
An Amazon delivery boy worked hard for years and saved about 66 thousand rupees. After that he took a hefty risk. He invested all the money in cryptocurrencies. Now at the age of 28, he has become a millionaire. 

28 year-old becomes richest man in india

The name of the person is Kaif Bhatti. He hails from West Drayton, the capital of Britain, London. He told that the teachers in the academy used to' cheapen and humiliate' him in front of classmates. 
After completing his graduation from the university in the year 2017, he started working as a delivery boy for Amazon. He used to work around 14 hours a day. Due to this work, Kaif started feeling sad and he started feeling that his life would remain like this. 
But also Kaif took a big risk. He invested all his savings in cryptocurrencies. Then he left about 66 thousand rupees in a coin named' Verge'.

Soon there was a tremendous increase in the price of the coin. He earned about 28 lakh rupees from this investment. After this he left the job of Amazon. Kaif said- I couldn't believe it. I had noway seen so much money before.

Kaif further said- It was a amazing feeling. I came to know about my capacities. This gave me the boost to gather more information about crypto. That is when I decided that I want to earn more money. For this I set my mind. 
Luckily, Kaif got the price of taking the risk and his income sluggishly started adding . A many months after leaving Amazon, he made about Rs 5 crore and after a year his earnings doubled.

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After getting a millionaire, Kaif shifted to Dubai. Now he's living the life of dreams. He bought himself a extension apartment there for around Rs 4 crore and a Mercedes G Wagon car worth around Rs 2 crore. 
 Initially, Kaif's parents weren't in favor of Amazon's decision to leave the job. But when Kaif started making good money from it, the thinking of the parents changed. Kaif said- Parents are proud of me because I've achieved so much at such a young age. 

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