Freedom from cooking everyday, woman Using this unique system

Freedom from cooking everyday, woman stored foods 

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A 30 year old woman did wonders. He prepared food for the next 8 months together not only for himself but for his entire family. Means freedom from cooking every day. 

Generally people like to eat fresh food. Lunch, dinner and breakfast also varies according to the mood. But one woman did prodigies. In fact, he prepared food for the coming 8 months together not only for himself but for his entire family. Means freedom from cooking every day.

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This 30- year-old woman's name is Kelsey Shaw and she hails from Indiana, America. Kelsey has prepared and stored breakfast, lunch and regale for the next 8 months. Now whoever feels hungry in the house, he just has to take out the food and heat it and eat it. 

According to the NYT report, Kelsey Shaw, a mother of three, has filled her kitchen with home- grown mimetic fresh vegetables. Along with this, formerly prepared food, spices, rice and pasta have also been stored. Kelsey has prepared a total of 426 types of food items in the kitchen, which she and her family will eat for the coming 8 months.

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Kelsey told that he has learned to preserve everything. They can preserve everything from pickles to meats for a long time. They take 3 months to preserve the food and also get freedom from cooking for the next 8 months. 

Why did the Kelsey store food? 

Kelsey doesn't want to eat outside food. So he started preserving food. With this, his family will be suitable to eat home grown food throughout the year and their money will also be saved. Kelsey's family eats fresh home grown items during the summer. At the same time, in winters, they preserve these effects and eat them. 

Kelsey says that she spends about two hours every day in her garden. There they grow vegetables, fruits etc. Children also live near to nature with them. Their life is fully dependent on organic food. He started conserving food by learning from books and watching online videos. 

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