Kanika tekriwal net worth : richest women of India

How 33-year-old Kanika Tekriwal joined the list of rich women of India

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Roshni Nadar Malhotra, chairperson of country's top IT company HCL Technology, remains India's richest woman. At the same time, Falguni Nair, who left the investment banking career to start the beauty brand Nika, is at the top position among the richest women on her own. 

Kotak Private Banking- Hurun has released the list of India's richest women on Wednesday. This report has been prepared on the base of net worth of women till December 31, 2021. 

Roshni Nadar's total means have increased by 54 percent to 84 thousand 330 crores. At the same time, the total means of 59- year-old Falguni Nair have now become 57 thousand 520 crores. According to the report, there has been an increase of 963 percent in Nair's wealth. 

The list has been given to those 100 women businessmen born and raised in India, who are laboriously running family business or who have set up their own business. 

The total wealth of all 100 women has increased by 53 in one year. It was2.72 lakh crore in the year 2020, which has increased to4.16 lakh crore in 2021. Interestingly, the share of these women in the country's average gross domestic product( GDP) has come 2 percent. 

Who is name on the list of rich women of India

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Biocon founder and CEO Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is at number three after Roshni Nadar and Falguni Nair in the list of richest women. 

This was followed by Neelima Motaparti, director of Divi Laboratories, Radha Venbu, founder of Zoho, Leena Gandhi Tiwari, chairman of pharmaceutical company USV Pvt Ltd, Anu Agha and Meher Padamji, directors of Thermax, Neha Narkhede,co-founder of data streaming platform New Confluent, Dr Lal Pathlabs. Vandana Lal, director of Hero Fincorp and Renu Munjal, managing director of Hero Fincorp, are among the top ten richest women. 

still, one name in the list is of Kanika Tekriwal, who's in discussion indeed though she isn't in the top 10. 

Actually, Kanika has joined the top richest women at the youthful. 

Kanika Tekriwal, who started a company called' Jet Set Go', made her mark in the aeronautics sector, which is generally considered to be dominated by men. 

Who's Kanika Tekriwal : kanika tekriwal net worth

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Kanika, just 33 years old, started such a adventure in the aeronautics sector, which people don't know important about. Kanika's company provides private spurts and copters to the people. Through this one can fluently book private aircraft, copter and air ambulance online fluently. 

The wealth of Kanika Tekriwal, who says' Trust in yourself' is the mantra of life, has increased by 50 percent. Now his total means are 420 crores. 

 Pertaining to the challenges in life, in an interview to Doordarshan, Kanika had told how at the age of 17 she worked in an aeronautics company from where she got the inspiration to start her own business. 

But when Kanika turned 20, she had to fight cancer first, but this disease made her stronger than before.

Kanika says that if anything comes easily in life, it means that it is not complete.

People also made fun of his business idea. In an interview to Doordarshan, Kanika said, "I started the company alone at the age of 24. I used to talk to customers by changing names. Gradually my company grew."

How Falguni Nair turned from a carefree student to a rich woman

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 Falguni Nair is at the first place among 'self-made' wealthy women businessmen. But Falguni had no such intention in childhood.

This year, during a chat show organized on Women's Day, Nair herself had told about how getting a good school without hard work made her careless about studies and had no goal in life.

Last year, shares of Falguni Nair's beauty start-up Nika had a blockbuster debut in the market

Falguni started Nika in 2012. At that time the company entered the market with beauty products, but now there are different products related to fashion on Nika.

Referring to her family environment, Falguni says, "My mother always used to tell us to move forward. Even if we had scored 99 marks, instead of celebrating at home, it was asked where and how a number was cut. That's why I always had a feeling that something good has to be done. Geeta has a great influence on our family, so I always worked without worrying about the results."

The scale of inclusion in Hurun's list was Rs 100 crore earlier, but this year only those who have a net worth of at least Rs 300 crore have been given place. Among the top 10 women businessmen, this cut-off is Rs 6,620 crore, which is an increase of 10 percent over the last year.

The maximum 25 names in the list are from Delhi-NCR. After this there are 21 names from Mumbai and 12 from Hyderabad too.

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