How To Register My Name On Google Search Engine?

How To Register My Name On Google Search Engine?

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Once you complete step 1 above (establishing your listing), your business will show up on Google Maps and in Google search when people search your business name. You have done everything it takes to get your business listed on Google Maps when people search for your business name. If you want to show up in Google Maps, as well as at the top of the Google organic search results, the fastest (and easiest) way to do that is through Google My Business. You do not need a Google My Business account to have your site indexed and featured in Googles search results.

To get verified via Google Search Console

To get verified via Google Search Console, your website will have to be set up on Google Search Console using the same Google account used for your GMB profile. You will need the Google account in order to create and validate your listing. To ensure that your business is listed on Google Search, you will need to create a Search Console account and use the Manual Actions Report to validate. To do this, sign into Google My Business, enter your companys name into the designated box, and then use the steps above to validate the listing of your business.

When you are done, hit Finish, then follow the steps necessary to confirm your Google business via phone, email, or mail. Google will want to confirm your business is located in the location that you said it is. While the submissions can help give your business visibility to other websites, the primary reason for doing so is to show Google that your businesss name, address, and phone number are listed the same on several websites. As you get ready to set up your listing, a quick reminder: While Google will, under certain circumstances, display businesses in surrounding communities in the local search results (Google Maps), you are allowed to list your business in only the town or city where you have a physical address.

You can list products for your business on the Google Search results for customers searching Google Shopping, but to do so, you will need a Google Merchant Center account. Another reason why your business may not show up on Googles search results is if you have had a Manual Action Penalty & a portion of one of your sites pages, or your entire domain, has been removed from Googles index. With this, even if your website is older, you have lots of pages, and you are doing great SEO, it is never a good idea to run a Google Search on your business or site outside of your own browser, as you will find biased results. That is Googles way of doing it, but the more time people spend on your site, the more Google rewards you, because Google is in the business of giving us good search results -- it shows the relevant websites new visitors and returning visitors are browsing.

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