K- pop girl Blackpink’s new “Pink Venom” Video

Blackpink release new 'Pink Venom' video

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BLACKPINK: Celebrated their long- awaited new single “ Pink Venom ” by holding a private online press conference in Seoul on Friday(Aug. 19) to share further about the track, their group’s musical identity, and preview their upcoming Born Pink album and stint 

K- pop girl group Blackpink has released a new song," Pink Venom," and an accompanying music video for it. 
The song is from the group's forthcoming sophomore album," Born Pink," which is set for release on September. 16. 
Blackpink, made up of members Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé, lately told Rolling Stone how they unite on their music.

We do not just receive a completed song," Jisoo said." We're involved from the beginning, erecting the blocks, adding this or that feeling, swapping feedback and this process of creating makes me feel proud of ourmusic.However, it would feel mechanical, If we just enteredpre-made songs. I feel more love for the process, because we say,' How about adding this in the lyrics? How about adding this move in the choreography?'" 
Blackpink's first LP," The Album," sold over one million clones in less than a month after its 2020 release 
The new reader was blazoned last week. The group also has an forthcoming world stint. 

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