The largest amount of money spent in the promotion of 'House of the Dragon',

The amount of money spent in the promotion of 'House of the Dragon', would have made five episodes of it

The first episode of Game of Thrones' spin-off show House of The Dragon has hit the market. It is streaming on HBO Max from August 21 and on Disney Plus Hotstar from August 22. This sequence will continue for the next few weeks. Each episode will air first on HBO Max on Sunday and then on Hotstar the next day.
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It had created a huge buzz even before its release. We can guess that it was only because of GOT's fan base and its reputation that it has earned over the years. But it is not so. The total budget for the ten episodes of HOTD is around $ 200 million. According to reports, about half of its $100 million has been spent in its marketing campaign. That is, about Rs 800 crore. Which is no less than a movie released in any cinema hall. David Jaislav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, says that the money invested in this marketing campaign has been recovered.

David Jaislav also congratulated all the Warner Bros. Discovery ventures for working closely with HBO for this campaign. Pia Barlow, EVP of HBO Originals Marketing, says:
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Actually, the purpose of such a huge marketing campaign was to create interest and awareness in the minds of people for HOTD. But at the same time to signal to the old GOT fans and new GOT fans that a new story of 'Game of Thrones' is coming. In the last one month HBO has only marketed HOTD. The grandeur and importance of this campaign can be gauged from a report by iSpot. According to this, since July 20, about 99.1 percent of HBO ads and impressions have come from HOTD.

Why is HBO shedding so much money? This is his biggest marketing push ever. The first reason is obviously to make the show a success. But this is something to be seen in front. But the real matter is something else. Actually 'House of the Dragon' is streaming on HBO's streaming platform HBO Max. And increasing its subscriber base is also the purpose of such a big campaign. What used to happen earlier was that a Warner Bros. film was released in theaters, with the same coming back and forth on HBO Max. But ever since the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery, its CEO David Eislaw has made a rule. In which it has been said that after 45 days of cinema, the film came on HBO Max. Otherwise, there is a loss in both the places. Its results were also good. When 'Fantastic Beast: The Secrets of Dumbledore' was released on HBO Max after 45 days. 20 percent of the total traffic on the first weekend came from this film. About a third of a week's traffic on HBO Max came from this. There are many more such examples like 'The Batman', 'Dune', 'Wonder Woman 1984' also gave good traffic to HBO Max.

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What happens is that the new public buys a subscription to HBO Max just to watch a movie and then it disappears. That's why it has been contested that HOTD will air episode by episode for several weeks. Suppose the people who come on 21st August will stay till 23rd October for this. Because its last episode will stream on 23 October. That is, so much money has been spent to increase user retention. Otherwise, investing $100 million in marketing just one show is no small matter. On the one hand the show got promoted and on the other hand the public would also be on HBO Max. Now if the public remains, they will see something other than HOTD. That is, the traffic flow will increase there too.

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