Zvika Pick, Israel's pop musician, dead at aged 72

Zvika Pick, known as Israel's" king" of pop, died Sunday aged 72

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Born in Poland in 1949, Pick immigrated to Israel with his parents at a youngish age. 

He jump- started his musical career with the Israeli product of the musical" Hair" in the 1970s, also went on to create original pop hits including" Mary Lou", which is still known to generations of Israelis. 

The long- haired artist created the music for the song" princess," which was performed by Israeli ambisexual songster Dana International and won her the Eurovision song contest in 1998. 

Pick is also the father- in- law of American film director Quentin Tarantino, who married Pick's daughter Daniella, also a songster, in 2018. 

" Zvika Pick died moment, but the songs and warbles he left before will continue to be played for numerous years to come," said Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, after original media reported the songster was set up dead at his home. 

Minister of Sports and Culture Chili Tropper called Pick" one of Israel's greatest artists", whose songs" had entered every living room in Israel and touched thousands of hearts." 

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