Food Reciepe : Churma Barfi for Bappa today

Food Reciepe : Churma Barfi for Bappa today

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The holy festival of Ganesh Chaturthi has started from today. During this 10-day long festival, people prepare delicious dishes and feed Ganpati Bappa.

Churma Barfi Reciepe

 1. First put gram flour in a pan and fry it on low flame.

 2. Keep in mind that the flame of gram flour should not be high. Then take it out in a bowl.

 3. After this, prepare the batter by adding desi ghee to the gram flour.

 4. Keep the solution aside for some time.

 5. To prepare syrup, pour water in a pan. Then add sugar to it and heat it on medium heat.

 6. While stirring the syrup with a ladle, separate the water and sugar. When the syrup is ready, reduce the gas.

 7. After this, slowly add the mixture of gram flour and ghee to the syrup.

 8. Mix the solution well with the help of a spatula.

 9. Then cook the mixture for at least 5-7 minutes.

 10. After this, add desi ghee to the mixture. Then when this mixture absorbs the ghee well, then add ghee to it.

 11. Similarly prepare the mixture by adding ghee 3-4 times. After this, mash it with a spoon and add cardamom powder.

 12. Take out the mixture in a plate or tray. Keep in mind that pour ghee in the plate in which you are taking out the mixture.

 13. After this spread the mixture in a similar plate from all sides.

 14. Add chopped nuts to the mixture. Press it gently and let the mixture cool down.

 15. Keep the mixture to freeze. Then cut it into desired shape.

 16. Your Churma Barfi is ready. Enjoy bappa.

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