Reasons Why Marie Kondo Has “Kind Of Given Up”

Reasons Why Marie Kondo Has “Kind Of Given Up” on Keeping Her Home Tidy

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Marie Kondo is a world-renowned home organization expert who has helped millions of people all over the world by introducing her system of tidying up, the KonMari Method. Her strategies have been so successful that she has been dubbed the “queen of tidying up.” Recently, however, Marie Kondo has “kind of given up” on keeping her home tidy. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why, the benefits of tidying up according to Marie Kondo, the strategies to help people maintain a tidy home, and a reflection on Marie Kondo's practices and impact on home organization.

Overview of Marie Kondo and Her Organization Strategies 

Marie Kondo is an international phenomenon known for her popular KonMari organization strategies. Her belief is that tidying up one’s space and belongings can bring joy and clarity to life, and her books and Netflix show have become incredibly influential. Kondo’s strategies encourage people to evaluate their belongings and items, keeping only those that “spark joy” and discarding the rest. Her methods for folding clothes and organizing items in drawers, closets, and other spaces have been adopted by people around the world. Kondo’s philosophy is that people should only keep items that are truly necessary, and that this will bring more purpose and satisfaction to daily life.

Reasons for Marie Kondo "Giving Up" 

In recent news, the popular tidying-up guru Marie Kondo has announced that she is giving up her lifestyle brand and shifting her focus to a new venture. This move has been met with surprise by many of her fans, as Kondo had become well-known for her KonMari Method of tidying up and her bestselling books. 

While the exact reasoning behind Kondo's decision to give up her lifestyle brand has not been revealed, it is likely due to her desire to focus on her new venture of helping people to lead more meaningful lives. This shift in focus could also be attributed to the fact that Kondo has become more interested in exploring the spiritual side of tidying up, which she believes is essential for achieving an organized life. Additionally, Kondo has expressed an interest in furthering her studies in Shintoism, a religion with a focus on connecting with nature and the world around us. 

Regardless of the reasons for Marie Kondo's decision to give up her lifestyle brand, it is clear that she is taking a step towards deepening her practice of helping people to lead more meaningful lives through her new venture.

Benefits of Tidying Up According to Marie Kondo 

Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant, has become well known for her revolutionary approach to tidying up. According to her, tidying up can have a powerful positive effect on our lives and can bring about a greater sense of clarity and purpose. Kondo believes that when we create order in our environment, it reflects in our minds, making us more organized, focused and productive. By letting go of items that no longer spark joy, we can create more space in our homes and within ourselves. Additionally, tidying up also helps us to reduce stress and can even improve our relationships. It is certainly worth taking the time to organize our lives according to the principles set forth by Kondo.

Strategies to Help People Maintain a Tidy Home 

For those who want to maintain a tidy and organized home, Marie Kondo's methods are a great place to start. Marie Kondo, a world-renowned tidying expert, recommends a unique approach to tidying up. Her KonMari Method involves focusing on what brings you joy and getting rid of everything else. Additionally, it's important to create a space for everything that you keep, set limits on the number of items you own, and check in regularly to make sure your home is still tidy and organized. By following these strategies, you can maintain a tidy and organized home.

Reflection on Marie Kondo's Practices and Impact on Home Organization

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant and the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Through her book and her popular Netflix show, "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo," she has revolutionized the way people think about home organization. Her simple yet effective techniques focus on decluttering, discarding items that no longer spark joy, and categorizing items. Her approach has pushed people to take charge of their home environment and maximize the joy and efficiency of their living space. Kondo's impact can be seen in the newfound enthusiasm for decluttering and organizing among people from all walks of life. Her practices have not only helped individuals tidy their homes, but have also changed the way society views home organization. Kondo's approach has become a major influence in the world of home organization and is set to continue to make a lasting impact.

The KonMari Method

The KonMari Method, created by Marie Kondo, is a professional method that helps individuals organize their homes and belongings in an efficient, sustainable way. The goal of the KonMari Method is to help individuals identify what sparks joy in their lives and eliminate anything that does not. The KonMari Method is based on five essential principles: tidying by category, storing items to create an open, organized space, visualizing the outcome, appreciating and thanking your belongings, and maintaining tidiness. Through this method, Marie Kondo encourages individuals to create a space that is filled with joy and harmony.


In conclusion, Marie Kondo has been a major influence in the area of home organization. Despite her giving up on keeping her own home tidy, she still encourages others to adopt her strategies and use them to their own advantage. Marie Kondo's KonMari Method is both a helpful and effective way to achieve a cleaner and more organized home. Her ideas are sure to continue to be an inspiration for many who are looking to improve their home and their lives.

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