Over 1,200 Tourists Stranded in Rain-Hit Sikkim May Be Evacuated Today

Sikkim Tourism
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Over 1,200 tourists have found themselves stranded in Sikkim's Mangan district. This unfortunate situation arose due to severe disruptions in both road and communication networks, caused by relentless rainfall. However, there is a glimmer of hope as an official statement has indicated that these tourists may be evacuated on Sunday, provided the weather conditions are favorable.

Sikkim Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Tshering Thendup Bhutia is set to oversee and coordinate the evacuation efforts. His involvement is crucial to ensure that the process is carried out smoothly and efficiently.

"The evacuation of tourists from Lachung will begin tomorrow (Sunday) through airlift and roadways, depending on weather conditions," the statement said on Saturday evening. This dual approach of using both air and road transport aims to maximize the chances of a successful evacuation, despite the challenging weather conditions.

Tourism and Civil Aviation Secretary CS Rao provided further details, stating that around 1,215 tourists, including 15 foreigners, have been stranded in Lachung town for the past week. The incessant rainfall has severely impacted the road and communication network in Mangan district, making it difficult for these tourists to find a way out.

Tragically, at least six people lost their lives during this period due to landslides and heavy rain. The natural calamity not only claimed lives but also caused significant damage to properties. Additionally, it disrupted power and food supplies, as well as mobile networks in several areas, further complicating the situation for the stranded tourists.

In response to the fatalities, the district administration has taken steps to support the affected families. An ex-gratia amount of Rs 4 lakh has been disbursed to the next of kin of those who died, providing some financial relief during this difficult time.

The situation remains tense, but with coordinated efforts and favorable weather, there is hope that the stranded tourists will soon be safely evacuated.

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