Why is the world scared about the current vaccines on Omicron ?

The potential for rapid mutation of the new variant of the Covid-19 virus, Omicron, has alarmed the whole world. This new variant is being said to be more dangerous than Delta, which devastated the whole world a few months ago, because so far 50 mutations have occurred in Omicron.

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Due to Omicron's ability to mutate very rapidly, the question is also being raised whether the current corona vaccine will be effective on this new variant? Meanwhile, British company Moderna has said that the current vaccine is likely to be less effective against Omicron.

Let us know why the current vaccine may be ineffective on Omicron? Why is a separate vaccine needed for this? What does Moderna, the maker of mRNA vaccines, have to say?

Why might existing vaccines be ineffective on Omicron?

Omicron is said to be the fastest mutation virus ever. WHO has placed it in the category of Variant of Concern. There have been 30 mutations in its spike protein itself. Actually, it is through the spike protein that the virus opens the way to enter human cells. The vaccine prepares the body to fight against it by producing antibodies against the spike protein itself.

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More mutations in Omicron's spike protein have raised concerns about how effective current vaccines will be against it.

Also, the current vaccine has been designed according to the original corona virus strain that surfaced in Wuhan, China, while Omicron's strain is completely different from it. This is the reason why this new variant of the existing vaccine is expected to have little or no effect at all.

Why did Moderna warn about Omicron's vaccine?

British company Moderna has said that the current vaccine against Omicron is expected to be less effective, amid discussions about the ineffectiveness of the vaccine against Corona's new variant Omicron. Moderna CEO Stephen Bensel told the Financial Times that current vaccines may be less effective against Omicron than earlier strains of corona.

Bensal also warned that it could take months for pharmaceutical companies to manufacture large-scale vaccine doses against the new variant. Omicron's potential for sharp mutations in the spike protein may require pharma companies to modify existing vaccines next year, he said.

When Will Omicron's New Vaccine Be Out?

Amidst the discussion on Omicron about the less effective or completely ineffectiveness of the existing vaccine, talk of bringing a new vaccine for it has started. British company Moderna has said that if needed, the vaccine of this new variant can come in the early months of 2022. Moderna has already made mRNA vaccine of Corona.

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Moderna's chief medical officer, Paul Burton, has said his company could launch an mRNA vaccine to combat Omicron early next year, if needed.

At the same time, Pfizer, another company that makes the corona vaccine, has said that if needed, it can make a new vaccine against Omicron in six weeks and make its initial dose available within 100 days.

Which corona vaccine has WHO approved so far?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has so far approved the use of a total of eight corona vaccines worldwide.

Which category of corona vaccine comes under?

The eight vaccines currently being used for corona can be divided into three categories.

One is the messenger RNA vaccine, the other is the viral vector vaccine and the third is the inactivated vaccine. The way these vaccines are made and work is different.

How do different corona vaccines work?

Messenger RNA (mRNA) Vaccines: These vaccines contain messenger RNA (mRNA) codes, which go into the body to make a version of the coronavirus protein.  After vaccination, your immune cells begin to make fragments of the spike protein, and your body starts making antibodies.  If you are later infected with the COVID-19 virus, these antibodies help fight against the virus.

Viral vector vaccine: This is a carrier vaccine, in which a non-harmful adenovirus is genetically engineered as a viral vector. When this virus reaches your cells, it instructs them to make copies of this spike protein. As spike proteins build up on the surfaces of your cells, your immune system responds by making antibodies and defensive white cells. When infected with the corona virus, these antibodies are used to fight the virus.

Inactivated Vaccine: A dead or inactivated virus is used in this. This inactivated virus can neither multiply nor make you sick. Through this vaccine, an immune response is prepared in the body similar to a natural infection.

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