Dilip Joshi's daughter, Niyati Joshi had a very beautiful look.

Famous actor Dilip Joshi, who played the role of Jethalal in 'Taraq Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma', has been in the news for some time now. He celebrated the wedding of his beloved daughter Niyati Joshi with much fanfare and also shared pictures of his daughter's wedding on social media. Destiny's wedding photos were much loved by the fans. Pictures of all the wedding ceremonies of Destiny went viral on social media but now some videos of Destiny have surfaced.

Destiny is looking very happy in this video and she is also looking very beautiful in different outfits. In one video, Destiny is seen curling her hair. In the meantime she was spotted in the bathrobe. She was also seen in a yellow outfit in the same video, in which she looked very pretty.

Another video of Destiny has surfaced, showing her making a reel with a yellow flower.  In this video, she is seen first in a white bathrobe and later in a salwar-suit.  Millions of people have liked and commented on this video so far.

Speaking of another video of Destiny, she is seen in a yellow and pink dress. In which she is looking simple and gorgeous. In addition, a video has surfaced of her getting ready for her wedding, in which she is seen standing in front of her father, mother and brother after getting ready. In this video, his mother is shocked to see him and kisses him lovingly.

This is followed by some pictures in the same video and in one of the pictures Niyati is seen kissing her father i.e. Dilip Joshi on the cheek. Notably, the video of Destiny's Music Ceremony also went viral, in which Jethalal was seen dancing a lot.

The joy of daughter's marriage is clearly visible on Dilip Joshi's face. Meanwhile, Dilip Joshi Dandia and Garba are seen making a splash in this program of music evening. Serial producer Asit Modi was also present at the music ceremony. They also played garba. At the music ceremony, Niyati Joshi played Garba with her father Dilip Joshi. While Dilip Joshi had a rasa with his wife. Dilip Joshi also sang a song in Sangeet Night and they swayed to the beat of drums.

Fans were shocked when they came across pictures and videos of Destiny's wedding on social media and it was because of Destiny's white hair. Destiny's hair caught everyone's attention. Some people were confused when they saw him and some were praising him. Dilip Joshi expressed his feelings for his daughter by posting pictures. He also welcomed his son Yashovardhan, whom he met as his son-in-law. Destiny was looking very beautiful as a bride.

Jethalal's family photos of 'Taraq Mehta' are winning the hearts of fans. In the pictures, the beauty of Dilip Joshi's daughter Niyati is also being praised, along with the color of her hair which caught people's attention. Seeing the black and white hair of destiny, Dilip Joshi's fans got confused. Some people asked questions about it on Instagram while others started searching for the age of destiny. A user commented on Dilip Joshi's post, has Sir colored the hair?

One user commented, I have been thinking since I saw it. As one user wrote, both son and daughter have white hair. Someone even wrote that destiny took over. And many people have appreciated it. One user wrote that, it is good that they are accepting their natural hair, this confidence is very few people. Another wrote in praise that he is happy to have white hair, people consider themselves cool by getting green, red and blue.

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