How To Change Gmail Password in just 2 minutes

How to Change Gmail Password Without Losing Your Data

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Change Gmail passwords may seem a pain, but it is potentially a good way to guard against a potential breach, as well as fight back against security breaches if one actually occurs. Whether you are ramping up your cybersecurity efforts, or simply need to change a Gmail password after giving it to someone you should not, doing it is simple. Changing your Gmail password might sound like an annoying task, but it is vital, especially if you deal with other private data often in your daily life.

How to Change Your Gmail

If you suspect that you may be being hacked, or simply wish to adopt stronger passwords, then change the account password using the iPhones Gmail app. Then, after changing the account password, you should use your new password to access Gmail (Google) on all of your other devices. If you change the password on your iPhone, you are going to be signing out of your Gmail account everywhere but on the iPhone.

How to Change Password in Gmail

On iPhone, go to Gmail > Settings > Gmail Address > Manage your Google Account > Security > Password > Change password. Now that we showed you how easy it is to change your password, we have got some tips that will help keep your Google Account even safer. It is important you know how to create a strong password to make sure no one is able to hack into your Gmail account and get all your emails and personal information.

How to recover Gmail Password

If you are not sure about memorizing passwords on Gmail or other websites, use a password saving service to save and access your passwords. By trying recovery from a device Gmail is familiar with, and knows has connected to your Gmail account in the past, you can change the Gmail password. If you have forgotten your password, or you are locked out of your account because of repeated failed login attempts or unusual/suspicious activity, you can use the Gmail Account Recovery process to recover your password.

When changing or reseting password, you need to be aware that in most places, you are going to sign out of the account. That way, you do not need to worry about being asked to log back in with your password. If you successfully log in, you will be taken to a Password page, where you should enter and confirm your new password.

Gmail will now prompt you to confirm your current password while signing in -- just enter your existing password into the field and hit Next. Your email address and password combo is the first step to getting into your Google Account: Enabling two-step verification for Gmail means adding the second step, making it more difficult for attackers to get into your account. Since many people use Gmail for personal or official purposes, it is important that you maintain your accounts security by changing the password each month.


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