How To Delete Instagram Account permanently

How To Delete Instagram Account easily 

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If you are looking to spend some time away from Instagram, but you are not willing to permanently delete your Instagram account, you can opt instead to turn off or temporarily disable your Instagram account. Well, if you are taking a temporary break, then rather than permanently delete your Instagram profile, you can use the Instagram Account Deactivation feature to ensure that you will not lose any followers and posts. Note that instead of deleting your account, you could always deactivate the account temporarily, all of your content would be hidden until you re-enable it by signing back in.

Before you delete your account, you might want to sign in and download a copy of your info from Instagram, such as photos and posts. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything on Instagram, you can always step back and delete your account. Instagram has introduced an option to delete an account under Settings in iOS, and you will still have the ability to temporarily turn off an account before you decide to delete it.

 How to Delete Instagram account permanently

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete or disable your account without logging in first. You will have to be able to access the account in order to request removal. Remember, you will need login details to do so, so if you forgot your password, you will have to retrieve it or set up a new one before starting the 30 day removal process.

Once you delete an account, you can either register with the same username again, or you can add the username to another account, assuming it has not been taken over by someone else on Instagram. Once you start the process, an Instagram accounts profile is hidden instantly, and begins a 30-day counting period, at which point any data connected to that account is permanently deleted. After this, the 30-day period of inactivity begins and counts down until your Instagram account is permanently deleted. Your account will immediately become hidden from view, and will eventually be deleted 30 days later, including any photos, likes, followers, and comments associated with your account.

How to Permanently Remove an Account

How to Permanently Remove an Account While you can request your data via the Instagrams app, you will have to go to the Instagram website via web browser - on either a computer or a mobile device - to remove your account. Unfortunately, you cannot use Instagrams apps to disable Instagram on an iPhone or Android. To conform with Apples updated guidelines on App Stores, Instagram added a feature to Instagram's app in June 2022 that allows users to remove an account from Instagram. While some Instagram users may have the delete option available within the settings of the iOS or Android apps, it is not officially supported functionality, and Instagram currently says that there is no way to delete accounts from the app.


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